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Henning Mueller



+49 6131 39 22563


University of Mainz

FB 03, Chair of Public Economics

Jakob-Welder-Weg 4

D-55128 Mainz

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Research Interests

Economics of Education, Behavioral Economics , Field and laboratory experimental research

Research Projects

Information Kid

Effects of Information Provision and Financial Support on Enrollment in Childcare and Life Outcomes (joint work with Philipp Lergetporer, Frauke Peter & Simon Wiederhold; funded by the Jacobs Foundation)


Kids Self-Regulation and Working Memory Intervention Study: Field study to improve self-control and academic achievement of primary school children (joint work with Eva Berger, Ernst Fehr, Daniel Schunk & Kirsten Winkel; partially funded by the Jacobs Foundation).

Preferences for Cooperation in Children

Measuring and Affecting Preferences for Cooperation: A Field Study with Primary School Children (joint work with Florian Hett, Mario Mechtel, Felix Schmidt & Daniel Schunk; funded by the DFG)

The Effects of Performance Transparency in E-Learning Applications

Field study in primary schools on the effects of e-learning software on educational achievement, motivation and perceived stress (joint work with Martin Huschens, Franz Rothlauf & Daniel Schunk; funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research).

Reintegration of Long-Term Unemployed with a Self-Regulation Training

Self-Regulation Training Increases Reintegration Probability of Unemployed with Internal Locus of Control - Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment (joint work with Eva Berger, Günther König, Felix Schmidt & Daniel Schunk; funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation).

Strategic Interaction and Perspective Taking in Children

Lab-in-the-field study with school children on determinants of successful strategic interaction.

Education and Training

02/2016 & 08/2015

Research stays at the University of Zurich, Chair of Microeconomics and Experimental Economic Research, Prof. Dr. Ernst Fehr

09/2011 – today

PhD in Economics at the Johannes Gutenberg - University of Mainz Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Schunk

09/2013 – 12/2013

Research stay at the University of Zurich, Chair of Microeconomics and Experimental Economic Research, Prof. Dr. Ernst Fehr

10/2008 – 03/2013

Diploma in Psychology at the University of Mainz (final GPA: 1.5)

04/2007 – 08/2011

Diploma in Economics at the University of Mainz (final GPA: 1.1, with distinction)

10/2009 – 04/2011

Research curriculum for social sciences of the German National Academic Foundation on „Sustainability Economics“

08/2005 – 01/2007

Apprenticeship as a qualified bank clerk at Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen / Helaba Frankfurt (final GPA: 1.0, with distinction)

08/1995 – 06/2004

Abitur (A levels) at humanistic secondary school in Darmstadt, intensive courses: mathematics and physics (final GPA: 1.0)

Work Experience

09/2011 – today

Research assistant at the Chair of Public Economics, Prof. Dr. Daniel Schunk, Johannes Gutenberg - University of Mainz

08/2008 – 09/2008

Internship in China at the Helaba Shanghai Representative Office

Setup of the office, marketing and research activities

01/2007 – 01/2009

Student trainee at Helaba Frankfurt

Human Resources Development department, talent management

06/2005 – 08/2005

Internship at LBS Hessen-Thueringen

Marketing department, conceptualization and development of software tools

Teaching Experience

Fall 2016

Tutorial on „Principles of Public Economics“

Spring 2016

Tutorial on „Behavioral Economics“

Spring 2015

Lecture and Tutorial on „Behavioral Economics“

Spring 2014

Seminar on „Scarcity – Why Having Too Little Means So Much“

Fall 2013

Seminar on „CBA of Earyl Childhood Intervention Programs“

Spring 2013

Seminar on „Public Economic Theory“

Fall 2012

Seminar on “Theories and Models on Intertemporal Choice”

Spring 2012

Seminar on „Social Preferences“

Fall 2011

Tutorial on „MATLAB in Public Economics“

Scholarships & Awards

2014 – 2016

Junior Member of the Gutenberg Academy for Young Researchers, University of Mainz (

2013 – 2016

Full Doctoral Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation


Distinction for outstanding diploma thesis on “Development of a specific intervention module for labor market reintegration by combining mental contrasting and implementation intentions”


Award for best diploma of the graduating class

2008 – 2013

Full Student Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation


Journal of the European Economic Association

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Presentations & Conferences


Colloquium at the DJI (Deutsches Jugendinstitut), Munich


Social and Biological Roots of Economics Workshop, IfW Kiel


Colloquium on Economics of Education at the SBE, Maastricht University


Economic Colloquium at IAAEU Trier


Jacobs Foundation Conference on „Economizing Education Policy: Tradeoffs, Incentives, and Generalizing from Evidence“ in Marbach


Spring Meeting of Young Economists in Lisbon/Portugal


Workshop on Microeconomics at Leuphana University in Lueneburg


Workshop on Economics of Education in Mainz


Experimental Design Workshop at Goethe University in Frankfurt


Conference on Economics and Psychology at the Center for Emotional Economics in Mainz

PhD Courses, Summer & Winter Schools


Summer School on „Education, Preferences, and Economic Outcomes“ (Joep Sonnemans, George Loewenstein, Rachel Croson, Matthias Sutter), Institute for the World Economy, Kiel


Summer School on „Economics of Education“ (with Eric Bettinger, Alexander Koch and Helena Skyt Nielsen), University of Mainz


PhD Course on “Personality traits, non-cognitive skills and education” (with Thomas Dohmen), University of Zurich, Switzerland


PhD Course on „Econometric Methods in Economics of Education“ (with Rainer Winkelmann), University of Bern, Switzerland


PhD Course on „Lab and Field Experiments in Economics“ (with John List), ChoiceLab, NHH Bergen, Norway


Summer School on „Behavioral Economics“ (with Jordi Brandts and Dan Houser), Department of Economics, University of Mainz


Winter School on “Applied Microeconometrics” (with Markus Pannenberg), University of Tuebingen

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February 1, 2017